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Shakeira and Cebastien | Mansion on Main Street Wedding

“…honey, I always want to be where you are…”



Weddings are all about expressions of love and commitment. Cebastien and Shakeira’s wedding included tying ropes into unbreakable knots and lighting candles into inextinguishable flames. All these signs and symbols point to one inescapable truth – a love story with a strong beginning and an unending future.


“…I choose you over and over…”



The bride was magnificent in a gown brought all the way from Londo, with yards of gauzy lace and appliques and a sweeping train. The groom was bedecked in a maroon tuxedo – timeless and unique at once. In the garden of The Mansion on Main Street, the couple exchanged personalized vows after traversing a flower-laden aisle.


“…I’ve never seen a more perfect example…of a more perfect union…”

Best Man


The reception started with a change of attire, mother-son and father-daughter dance, and the couple’s first dance amid smoke and sparklers. Anticipated wedding traditions followed, including the cutting of the elegantly stacked cake and toasts and congratulations from friends and family.


“…remember where you started and why you started…”

Maid of Honor


The guests celebrated the newlyweds amongst towering centerpieces, flower-strewn tables, and crystal stemware. They also took to the dance floor in raucous festivity, enjoying every moment and storing their own memories of the remarkable day.Even the bouquet toss and the garter toss added to the merriment.


“…it feels like a lifetime of love and laughter…”



Every wedding tells a distinctive love story. Cebastien andShakeira’s wedding tells the story of family, promise, devotion, and of the future. We’re preferred vendors at The Mansion on Main Street and many other stunning wedding venues in the surrounding area. When it’s time to tell your story, it’s time to call us. Contact one of our iExclusiveProductions team members when you’re ready to preserve the joy of today for the generations of tomorrow.

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Candice Jackson
Candice Jackson
Aug 31, 2023

A beautiful ceremony for beautiful couple . I pray you both and your family nothing but blessings upon blessings ! Your union has been ordained and blessed by God and I truly see how God has come in and blessed you and your family tenfold. So this is too y’all ! Congratulations and much love and blessings to you both ! ❤️


This was so beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. U can feel their love and bond through the camera lens. Congrats to them both!


Beautiful to see such genuine love. Congrats and blessings on your everlasting union!


Tiffanni Lateesha
Tiffanni Lateesha
Aug 28, 2023

This video captures the joy and the love of the wedding and of the union. Absolutely love it. Congratulations cousins.

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