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Kendall and Crystal | Mansion on Main Street

Updated: Jan 16

“…we have come together…to witness and bless

the joining together of Kendall and Crystal in holy matrimony…”


Encased in the beauty and romance of the moonlight, Crystal and Kendall chose December 9, 2023, to start their lives as husband and wife. Creating an unforgettable atmosphere amid twinkling evening lights, their ceremony was breathtaking and enchanted and unbelievably magical. From the emotional reveal of the First Look to the romantic meeting on the Grand Staircase, the tone was set for love.

“…I pray that your marriage and your love for one another…is peaceful, healing, protective…”

Maid of Honor

Garbed in large floral lace applique, birdcage veil, and bridal coat, Crystal was stunning as she traversed the aisle preceded by bridesmaids and flower girl in pink champagne silk and downy white fur wraps. Kendall, too, was captivating in his silvery white tuxedo, white suspenders, and classic black bow tie.

“…Crystal, I choose you today, tomorrow, and every day after…”


Personalized versus traditional vows allowed the bride and groom to tell a small part of their love story as they pledged their lives and their devotion to each other before sealing their kiss and jumping the broom.

“…you proved my fantasy of love could really be…”


Friends and family came together to celebrate the newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Burns. The reception was a magnificent mixture of love, laughter, and tears of joy. From the sparklers to the fire pits and fire fountain, the couple was lauded and acclaimed. Seated at the glass-and-flower-wrapped sweetheart table, Crystal and Kendall became the start of a new family and a wonderful future.

“…love is friendship that has caught fire…

Ann Landers

iExclusiveProductions is a preferred vendor at The Mansion on Main Street, a premier wedding venue on the river shore. Its beauty was on vivid display at Crystal and Kendall’s wedding. From videography to photography to drone shots, we bring every element of class and sophistication to your day. Contact one of our client-focused team members when you’re ready to capture the best day of your life for the rest of your life.

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