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Pali and Jason | Hotel duPont Wedding

“…I am pleased to announce you are husband and wife…”


Simple. Elegant. Classic. Such was the wedding of Pali and Jason. While the groom was led to the altar by both parents, the bride smiled all the way down the aisle on the arm of her father. May 14, 2021 might be their first day of wedded bliss, but the hope of their future promises many, many more. Standing before an altar festooned with wire baskets overflowing with stunning white roses, they were pronounced husband and wife – a love Storey that is only beginning.

“…love…is the most beautiful, most important, and most valuable thing in this world…”

Father of the Groom

The bride in a flowing cathedral train and the groom decked out in a classic kilt and regalia were dazzling during the ceremony and reception. When love is as obvious and unmistakable as it is with this couple, it almost feels like you can reach out and touch it. In fact, everyone at the ceremony celebrated the kiss that sealed their vows, and the joy was so palpable in the reception hall, even the parents danced their way in.

“…I just want to toast to a marriage of happiness and love and a whole lot of fun…”

Maid of Honor

Fun was definitely the order of the day during the reception. The ballroom was bedecked with classic black and white with touches of crystal embellishments. The Hotel duPont in Wilmington, Delaware was dressed in a stunning combination of refined playfulness. The joyful bride was even seated atop a grand piano as she and the groom seemed to get lost in each other’s eyes.

“…when you meet a man who tells you he would marry your daughter a thousand times over, what else can you say to this man except welcome to the family…”

Father of the Bride

The Storey’s story and their memories are forever preserved and protected because they jumped in on our Refer-A-Friend discount package. That means they received a discount when they worked with a friend who booked our services for their wedding. Know anybody in need of photo or videography services? Get together and give the iExclusiveProductions team a call!

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