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Lacy and Walter | Chateau Renault Wedding Video

Lacy & Walter


“…we are gathered here today…to celebrate the blending together of two lives…”




Under a wooden arborvitae in the lovely garden at the Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City, NJ, Lacy and Walter exchanged vows in a poignant and emotional ceremony. The bride fairly glowed while descending the opulent curved staircase. With the wind giving flight to her veil on the altar, she was beautiful and serene covered in frothy, elegant lace. The groom, too, was resplendent in his white tuxedo jacket and black bespoke finery.


“…today, I get to fall in love with you all over, again…”



July 23, 2023, will be memorialized as the beginning of a new future and the uniting of two close-knit families. From the First Look to the gentle touching of hands to the kiss that sealed their personalized vows, Lacy and Walter look like their love story. Twelve years of dedication and devotion and the promise of a brilliant future. They look like their love story is timeless and just getting started all at the same exciting time.


“…you believed in me before I believed in myself…”



The sentiment and romanticism of the ceremony were matched by the excitement and joy of the ceremony. The mother-daughter moment and the newlywed’s first dance led the celebration. In a hall filled with family and friends, the celebration kicked into high gear. The dance floor was packed, glow sticks filled the air, and merriment was clearly the order of the day.


“…with this joy comes a profound responsibility to protect the bond you share…”



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This is so beautiful!! Thank you so much for capturing our day ❤️

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