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Jasmin and Raphael | Mansion on Main Street Wedding

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

“…we gather here today to join together in this celebration of marriage…”


Marriage is the culmination of a love story and the beginning of a happily ever after. It’s the seamless blending of two families and, sometimes, the beautiful blending of two cultures. Such was the case on May 14, 2023, when Jasmin and Raphael were united in holy matrimony.

“…grow old with me. The best is yet to be…”

Robert Browning

The bride was loveliness personified in her lace-covered gown complete with bustle and train. Bedecked head to toe in warm white, the groom was salient and classic. The wedding party draped in sweeping gold gowns and gold-accented suits paid homage to the richness of the day.

“…the two of you have grown so beautifully…”

Maid of Honor

The Mansion on Main Street, stunning for its beauty and splendor, played host to their nuptials. From its lush garden to its opulent reception hall, each site was more lovely than the next. From the vows recited on the marble steps to the family posed together in front of the fountain, every detail of the day fairly bellowed in celebration. Amid family and friends, Jasmin and Raphael exchanged vows and became Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.

“…to be my lawful wedded wife from this day forward…”


The celebration didn’t stop with the sealing of the vows. From traditional American wedding garb to time-honored Liberian apparel, the cultures blended as impeccably as the families. From the moment the bride and groom made their jubilant entry, celebratory toasts, heartfelt good wishes, and dancing that lit up the floor.

“…for as long as I live…”


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