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How to Choose The Right Videographer For YOUR Wedding

Congratulations on making the decision to capture your wedding on video. That one decision will allow you to reminisce on your wedding forever. Now comes the monumental decision to choose a videographer who fits your needs, your personal aesthetic, and your budget.

Budget For More Than Money

Start with your budget in mind but don’t simply look for the cheapest videographer in town. Instead, opt for a professional who gives you the biggest bang for your buck. It’s helpful if you choose a videographer who also has a photographer on staff along with all the extra touches you’re looking for like a photo booth and drone cameras. When you choose one videographer with a staff that fits the rest of your memory-capturing needs, you get bundled pricing along with complementary services from a team of professionals who know how to work together.


Clarify Your Creative Flair

Make sure you schedule a getting-to-know-you session with your videographer. He’ll be able to discuss specific people and moments you want to capture, and you’ll be able to point out who specific people are. You’ll also be able to talk about your natural creativity and style and how you want that to come through. This session is important because a bohemian wedding by the ocean and a classic ceremony in a cathedral are vastly different events. In addition, no wedding videographer worth his camera will treat you like a one-size-fits-all bridal couple. Instead, he’ll tailor his shoots to fit you and your intended like the unique couple you are.

Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Once your budget and creative flair have been decided, now comes the task of actually choosing the videographer. Research plays an important role in finding your videographer. Rather than looking for a videographer in the bustling sea of a huge wedding show, the best place to start looking is among friends and family. If you’ve seen another couple’s wedding video you love, ask for a referral to their videographer. You can also look online and on YouTube to find weddings you love and look for the videographer they used.

Check out our website to see the incredible footage we’ve captured in the weddings we’ve been privileged to shoot. We’re always happy to share client testimonials – we’ve got plenty! – and to work with you to ensure the wedding of your dreams become the memories of a lifetime.

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