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5 Reasons A Wedding Videographer Should Be At The Top of Your Must-Have List

Updated: May 28, 2020

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. That makes a wedding videographer an important part of your wedding planning, your budget, and your memories. Your wedding day needs and deserves a photographer and a videographer – because while the photographer will capture still moments, the wedding videographer captures the movement and motion that go along with your memories. Consider these additional ways a wedding videographer can enhance your wedding day:

1. Relive Your Memories

Your wedding day will be packed with one-of-a-kind moments you’ll want to relive forever. A wedding video lets you turn your anniversary or an ordinary Thursday into an enchanting memory because your memories become more than moments when they’re accompanied by the music and magic of videography.

2. Share Your Wedding Day

As much as everyone you love would like to be in attendance at your wedding, sometimes it

simply isn’t possible. When illness, distance, or finances prevent a loved one from attending

your wedding, they’ll still get to experience your special day with a wedding video – in fact,

they’ll even get to see moments other guests missed.

3. Capture More Than Images

When the best man makes a toast, you can’t hear it in a photograph. Neither can you capture the song that accompanies the couple’s first dance or the father-daughter dance. Photos can grab the moment, but they can’t capture the music, voices, and excitement of the moment the same way videography can.

4. Capture Moments You Didn’t See

The bride can’t see what goes on in while the groom is dressing and toasting with the

groomsmen. The groom also can’t see the laughter and excitement of bridal prep. With a

wedding video, you can see the groom’s reaction to a last-minute gift from the bride or see the careful placement of the bride’s veil – memories you’d otherwise miss.

5. Create A Contemporary Heirloom

The traditional wedding album becomes something more special when it’s combined with a

wedding video. With drone footage and musical overlays, your wedding video becomes a family heirloom that captures the fashion, music, and magic of the day – which photos alone simply cannot do.

When you’re ready to capture the best part of your day for posterity, call the professional team at iExclusiveProductions. We’ll work with you to create memories that last a lifetime for the moments that shouldn’t be missed.

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