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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

“…I never thought I’d fall in love and marry a city girl…”


What happens when a city woman falls in love with a dedicated countryside farmer? For Emma and Tim, it means making a life together that starts with hosting a beautiful wedding and reception in Pennsylvania. In one of the sweetest weddings we’ve seen, city met country as the rural plains and sweeping farmland added to the majesty, magic, and charm of Emma and Tim’s rustic wedding day. “…this is our life, and I cannot imagine it any other way…” Emma The perfect wedding started amid an artistic blend of rustic signs, sparkling silver shoes, the happy couple, their elated family, and a host of well-wishing friends. From the tractor gleaming in the sunlight to the golden chairs of the ceremony, two hearts showed the world that love, trust, and compromise make the perfect combination. Amid hoots, hollers, cheers, and applause Tim and Emma were lovingly pronounced husband and wife. “…here we are at your wedding…you’ll have the rest of your lives together” Maid of Honor Exultation was in the air as the groomsmen danced their way into the reception hall and the bridesmaids entered with champagne flutes raised. From the sweetness of the first dance to the foot-stomping dancing of the guests, the reception hall was filled with festive celebration and heartfelt joy. Even the playfulness of the cake-cutting and the stolen moments of rooftop kisses were cause for stolen moments of newly wedded bliss. “…I’ve never honestly seen you happier with anybody in your entire life…” Best Man A tractor, a lake, a bridge, a groom, and a bride – that’s how you start a timeless tale of love – the perfect backdrop for the love story of a lifetime. Don’t miss a single moment of your special day. Call iExclusive Productions to commemorate your own happily ever after.

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