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Elizabeth and Robert | Renault Winery

“…I take you to be the piece of me that makes me whole…”


Like every wedding, Elizabeth and Robert’s is the culmination of a love story. It was a collection of memories that lead up to the beginning of a lifetime of new memories. On October 22, 2021, at the stunning Renault Winery in South Jersey, the bride and groom read their profound and heartfelt vows. In the midst of a sapling orchard, the couple celebrated their vows amid wood and lanterns and candles and the love of family and friends.

“…marrying you…sounds amazing…”


Unforgettable weddings start with remarkable couples and extraordinary love stories. Elizabeth and Robert are no exception – the Sockwell’s elaborately detailed day included elegant décor, a sumptuous cake, and a much-used dance floor. From the father-daughter dance to the newlywed’s first dance to the cake-cutting to the raucous dances of their guests, the dance floor was put to good use! In an homage to departed loved one’s they thoughtfully included a memory table full of pictures of loved one’s watching from above.

“…it is my honor to pronounce you husband and wife…”


Their bridal party’s entry into the reception was fantastic! In jewel tone dresses and flowers, the gracefully appointed bridesmaids and tuxedoed groomsmen entered the reception hall. Dancing and prancing, some of the ladies even carried the gentlemen into the fray. How can a reception with that kind of start be anything other than spectacular?

“…stand together and enjoy all the days together that you can…”

Best Man

Nothing adds a finishing touch to your wedding like preserving it for future generations. When you are ready to capture every moment that makes your wedding day memorable, we are ready to help. Contact the videography and photography team at iExclusive Productions and start building the memories that last a lifetime.

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