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Earyn and Otha | Park Chateau Wedding

“…hope with and for the other person…”


Just as planning a wedding takes time, patience, and attention to detail, so does planning your happily-ever-after. The telling of your forever love story is what weddings are all about, and Earyn and Otha told theirs in high style. The Park Chateau, in all its beauty, was opulently decked out for this beautiful couple.

“…my heart, my joy, my confidante…”


The bride was a vision of loveliness draped in the pureness and richness of classic white. The groom was swathed in the strength and intensity of classic black. In the midst of idyllic décor, stark white splendor, and a spiraling stairwell spectacularly festooned with flowers, the couple shared their First Look. Surrounded by a fragrant garden alight with nature’s beauty, they recited personalized, harmonious vows that spoke of their love for today and their promise of joy for tomorrow.

“…never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a man so perfect for me…”


Seated on either side of a flower- arrayed and candle-lit aisle, the bride’s family and the groom’s family smiled and wept and watched with pride as their two loved ones – and their family – became one. The simplicity of their wedding and the wealth of their commitment played incredibly together like the lyrics

to an age-old love song.

“…love is not finding someone to live with. It's finding someone you can't live without…”

Rafael Ortiz

iExclusive Productions was proud to be featured in a recent article, where this successful young couple found us. We were just as proud to help the newlyweds and their families create an heirloom video. Trust your forever to each other and your memories to us. Contact the iExclusive Productions team when you’re ready to capture your happily-ever-after.

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