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Cristina and Faniel's Love Story | The Palace at Somerset Park

…I promise to love you, protect you, and provide for you until eternity…


February is typically the coldest month of the year – but February 28, 2021, was one of the warmest days of two lifetimes. At The Palace in Somerset, NJ, Cristina and Faniel stepped into eternity – together – as they joined their lives and hearts in a wedding ceremony that can only be described as splendid, sparkling, and sentimental.

…words will never be able to express what my heart feels for you…


The sparkle on Cristina’s dress matched the sparkle in her eyes, just as the high gloss on Faniel’s finery matched the love shining from his. Resplendent as they glided down a candlelit aisle, the couple’s love story unfolded into unity as family and friends celebrated their vows amid the officiant’s sealing of the vows and the bride and groom’s very first marital kiss.

…love without boundaries… …you guys belong together…

Maid of Honor Best Man

When two hearts and two lives come together, so do two families. This was evident as the families celebrated the new couple in a beautifully appointed ballroom at The Palace. The gilded cake and the sleek white décor created an atmosphere of serenity and celebration. From the mother-son dance to the foot-stomping party, the very air was charged with festivity.

…from this day forward…I am you and you are me…


Even the bouquet toss and the grand staircase at the lovely venue help tell part of Cristina and Faniel’s story. It’s like descending a grand staircase into a never-ending party. It’s like two people who toss their hearts into each other’s hands. Love is built of trust and companionship. It’s built with the hope of today and the promise of tomorrow.

…from this day forward, I promise to be your comfort zone and your peace…


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