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Cinasia and Drew | Moulin

“…the first day I met you, I knew you were a perfect match for my Cinasia…”

Mother of the Bride


Simple. Chic. Elegant. These words describe the bride in all her glory. Legend has it that pearls symbolize the journey of the soul along the path to perfection. Fitting and apt since Cinasia’s veil was covered in pearls, her countenance surrounded by them. Swanky, posh, and opulent came the groom in his wedding finery and greenery – green symbolizing new beginnings and growth.


May 19th, 2020: The Beginning

May 19th, 2023: The Rekindling


Even the wedding venue added to the symbolism of this remarkable day. Moulin Philadelphia was festooned with candlelight, representing hope, purity, and goodness. Some even say it symbolizes the light of the world. If ever there was an occasion to be surrounded by light, it was the wedding of Andrew and Cinasia. Enshrined in a circle of candlelight and surrounded by family and friends, they exchanged the personalized vows that sealed the private vows of 2020.


“…I’ve seen you guys grow individually and together at the same time – it’s been amazing…”

Best Man


Weddings are all about families and theirs was no exception. Unique and inspiring, their vows even included the celebration of their first son and the introduction of the arrival of their second. From the vows to the reception, there was celebration after celebration after celebration. From the black and white dance floor to the stacked hand cutting the cake to the bouquet toss, the splendor of the day remains beguiling.


“…you can now celebrate this renewal of vows…Brother Drew, you may now kiss your bride…”



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