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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

No matter how carefully you plan every detail of your wedding day, something is bound to get overlooked – particularly in the rush of activity on the day of. Over the span of my career as a videographer, I’ve seen my share of brides make last minute mistakes and neglect seemingly little things. These are the five most common mistakes brides tend to make on their wedding day. Avoid making these errors and your wedding will run like the well-oiled machine you intended it to be.

Forgetting A Change of Shoes

Not even Cinderella wore her shoes all night long. You may not deck your feet in glass slippers, but wedding heels usually take a toll on your toes by the time the first dance and daddy/daughter dance are over. Slip a pair of pretty ballet flats (because comfortability is the key to dancing the night away) into your bridal bag. You’ll thank me later.

Not Accounting for Travel Time

Whether it’s the time it takes to get from your home to the wedding, from the ceremony site to the reception, or from the reception to the airport to escape on your honeymoon, brides often neglect to build enough travel time into their wedding day timeline. Give yourself some slack by taking a realistic look at your timeline and building in extra time for unavoidable and unforeseen delays.

Not Thoroughly Enjoying The Day

I’ve seen far too many brides who let every little thing stop them from enjoying the day they’ve spent so much time planning and coordinating. Your wedding day may have been months in the planning, but it still goes by terribly fast. Don’t sully the day or the memories by allowing small snafus to blossom into anger. After all, you don’t want to remember your special day for being mad that a certain floral arrangement didn’t angle off the light properly, right?

Not Accounting For The Time Their Bridal Party Will Be On Their Feet

Most brides simply don’t think about how long the bridal party will be standing for their ceremony and reception. Remember those ballet flats you’re adding to your stash? Encourage the ladies in your bridal party to do the same thing. Once they’ve made their celebratory entry into the reception, they can discreetly switch shoes and enjoy the dancing along with everyone else. I’ve also seen offer brides offer flip flops for their entire reception as party favors. Etsy has vendors who specialize in making flip flop bundles for weddings.

Not Offering Water Before or During A Lengthy Summer Ceremony

I’ve seen waaaaay too many bridesmaids and groomsmen pass out due to heat and dehydration. Brides who opt for outdoor ceremonies get to include the beauty and splendor of nature in their ceremonies. That can lead to a wedding unequaled in gorgeousness – just make sure you provide cool water bottles (opt for the small, chug-size bottles) and dress them up with your own wedding labels.

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