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3 Ways To Have A Corona Virus Free Wedding Day

The global outrage, fear, and panic over the COVID-19 (coronavirus) scare is causing public, private, business, and recreational events to cancel gatherings in droves. You’re probably wondering what that means for your wedding day.

First things first – don’t panic. Your wedding day can be as beautiful, romantic – and safe as you originally intended if you put these three tips into practice on the big day.

1. Eliminate The Receiving Line

Receiving lines are a time-honored tradition at weddings. They’re also a high-touch event. Skip the receiving line in favor of more intimate mingling in smaller groups of well-wishers. You’ll avoid the risk of spreading germs and still have the pleasure of greeting your guests. There’s a built-in bonus, too, because you’ll get to the reception shenanigans much faster.

2. Stock Up On Hand Sanitizer Position several hand sanitizer stations all over the place so guests know they can keep their hands clean and know you kept their safety in mind. Try putting industrial size bottles at the entrance to the ceremony, the entrance to the reception, and anywhere guests might touch door handles. Make sure hand sanitizer is clearly visible at the cocktail hour, wherever Hors oeuvres are passed, and near restroom exits. Also, make sure wait staff practices frequent handwashing and wears gloves.

3. Make Hand Sanitizer Appealing Make individual bottles of hand sanitizer part of your décor by creating cute bottles people will want to use and keep. Add them to small bowls at each table that match or complement your centerpieces and personalize them just like you would matchbooks or napkins.

Rest assured that we’re taking your safety and wellbeing into account as well. We’re cleaning and sanitizing our equipment between each client’s event and supplying our team members with in-office and portable hand sanitizer. All these safeguards mean you can focus on your once-in-a-lifetime day – and so can your guests.

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