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Tonya and Didi's Love Story

…one word defines us – alignment…


November 15, 2020 – the day the love in two hearts created one brand new family. Amid a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids, the bride joyously bedecked herself in lace and roses. With the support of his soon-to-be son, the groom donned his finery to greet his bride at the altar.

…I asked God for a real man who would choose me every, single day…


…the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one…


Tonya and DiDi’s ceremony was replete with love and excitement including a bride so excited she was literally bounced down the aisle, and a groom so enthralled that the love was palpable on his face. With family and friends watching and praying, their vows and promises were sealed with a kiss and bound in God’s Word.

…long story short, we’re gonna have some fun…

Best Man

From the first look to the first kiss to the first dance to the end of the evening, fun, fellowship, and the promise of a bright future were the order of the day. Just like two hearts easily blend together and learn to live in one accord, the Obamoh’s seamlessly blended modern style with traditional Nigerian attire for their reception. Along with the traditional first dance, the bride was showered down the aisle – an important ancestral tradition, because the love and support of family can only strengthen the bonds of marriage.

…this was the partner destined for you…

Maid of Honor

Love. Destiny. Favor. These are the traits that cause two hearts to trust each other and trust in God’s Will. Just as Tonya and DiDi trusted us to capture the memories and moments of their unique day, you can trust your milestone events to the iExclusiveProductions team. Call us today to start planning how to capture memories you can look back on for an endless number of tomorrows.

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