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Tj and Kiran's Love Story | Hamilton Manor Wedding

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Joy. Emotion.

Love. Pride.

All these feelings were written on the faces of the bride, the groom, and every guest at the incredible wedding and reception of TJ and Kiran Gittens. From the couple’s First Look to the bride gliding down the aisle to the exchange of vows – this wedding was charged with joy and emotion.

…today is one of

my proudest moments…I get to marry the woman of my dreams…


Our final wedding of 2019 was also one of our favorites. TJ and Kiran were over the moon in love and more than ready to join their lives together, forever. In his excitement, the groom danced and strutted his way down the aisle to receive his bride. His vows were heartfelt and rich with feeling while tears of joy fell down his face.

…you are a true definition of a perfect husband…my soul mate…


Resplendent in white lace, a sweeping train, and custom henna, Kiran came down the aisle carrying creamy roses and pearls to greet her groom with an expression of love that took his breath away. The bride was enchanting as she recited her vows with wholehearted feeling amid Indian wedding elements blended with modern elegant touches.

…together, they

will climb ladders of great heights…

Father of the Groom

Hamilton Manor might never experience as much love and celebration as it did on December 29, 2019, when it hosted the wedding and reception of TJ and Kiran. Light and love were the order of the day from the lighting of the unity candle during the ceremony to the crystal bling of the chandeliers that greeted reception guests.

When two cultures and two hearts blend successfully, two lives and two families seamlessly become one. Call iExclusive Productions when you’re ready to capture the best day of your life for the rest of your life.

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This wedding video is one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever seen!

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