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Tenisha and Patrick | Claridge Hotel Wedding

“…the ability to love because love gives you freedom.”

Maya Angelou

The freedom to love right out in the open, share special moments with family and friends, and revel in each other — that’s what weddings are all about. From their power pose to their ear-to-ear smiles to their coordinated dance, Tenisha and Patrick simply looked like love and poetry in motion on their wedding day – July 25, 2021.

“…love always begins with you…”

Kendrick Lamar

Just as gold symbolizes extravagance and clarity, the Noels’ love story symbolizes strength and transparency. In a ballroom dressed in golds, pinks, creams, and white, they exchanged vows of confirmation, sanction, and sanctity, and, as tradition demands, sealed it all with a kiss.

“…love is what brought you here…”

Sharon Rivers

Patrick and Tenisha’s new beginning started with the groomsmen stylishly dressing the groom while the bridesmaids carefully attended the bride. From the First Look until the closing notes of the reception, the couple basked in each other’s beauty and gloried in their shared love and admiration.

“…Kindness eases change, Love quiets fear…”

Octavia Butler

Wedding receptions are a chance for friends and family to celebrate the newlyweds and to shower them with the gift of love and that’s exactly what happened for Patrick & Tenisha. Family and friends danced and toasted and even the bridal party sashayed into the room amid music and applause.

“…love means putting someone else’s happiness on the same level as your own…”

Kush and Wizdom

Love tells its own story, and we are happy to help you tell yours. When your wedding is an iExclusive Production, it’s a thing of beauty and splendor captured for all of eternity – just like the perfect marriage. With recommendations from MunaLuchi Coterie, our iExclusive Productions team was able to record the irreplaceable moments that add up to a lifetime of living, learning, and love.

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