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Shanelle and Charles | Mansion on Main Street

“…marriage is an honorable estate…blessed by our Lord and Savior…”


The Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees Township, NJ is a foremost and premier wedding venue. Its stone bridge and spewing fountain were on display when it hosted the wedding and reception of Charles and Shanelle. Beautifully attired in a sparkling gown and cathedral veil, the bride stood before a circle of blooming white flowers. Beside her stood her groom, attired in a quilted Deji and Kola silvery white tuxedo.

“…today, in front of our loved ones and under this vast blue sky, I take you to be my wife…”


The bride was resplendent in her wedding finery, the groom radiant in his. Their expressions at the First Look and while approaching the aisle told the story of their devotion and passion for the life ahead. Preceded by flower girls draped in fur, the couple reached the altar and shared earnest vows of tenderness, hope, and promise.

“…the day I met you, I found my missing piece…”


A wedding is as unique as its celebrants, and Charles and Shanelle set the tone for their day – love, respect, zeal, and fun – and the tone for their celebration. Guests at the reception enjoyed a sumptuous feast, a magnificent cake, and a packed dance floor. Their celebration even made room for loved ones from previous generations and those watching from heaven.

“…you have lit one candle in unison, and this flame can never be separated, again…”

Candle Lighting Ceremony

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