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Rob and Sasha | Lucien's Manor

…to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides…

David Viscott

Lucien Manor has hosted weddings for couples from all walks of life, but none as spectacular as the wedding of Rob and Sasha. From perfectly coiffed hair to her crown befitting a queen, Sasha’s wedding day magic was on full display. The groom in his black-on-black, bespoke tux made the king and queen of the day look their part. With love in the very air and a flower-strewn walkway guiding their steps, Rob and Sasha met the day of their dreams with class and elegance.

…this band of gold, to have and to hold…

Lou Rawls

December 3 rd marked the culmination of a love story – and its new beginning, as well. From the exchange of vows to the exchange of rings to the exchange of the celebratory kiss, the love and joy between Rob and Sasha was palpable and is profound.

…when someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love…

Lana Del Ray

While most wedding days are all about the bride and groom, some take time to ensure others share the majesty and dignity of the day. This remarkable, young couple even took the opportunity to give back, sharing their bliss by making a donation in memory of the bride’s late aunt, Argelia “Cookie” Cruz. When love is that unselfish, it’s bound to last until eternity.

…true love stories never have endings…

Richard Bach

Trust the beauty and timelessness of every aspect of your love story to us. Rob and Sasha were the recipients of our free engagement shoot giveaway, and we were honored to be asked to capture their wedding as well. Trust the milestone events in your life to the team at iExclusiveProductions because telling your love story in pictures that are worth a thousand words creates enduring memories that last a thousand forevers.

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