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Elissa and Lawrence | The Grove Wedding

“…today we celebrate you…”

Maid of Honor

Weddings are about two people who put their hearts into each other’s hands and build their future on each other’s promises. A renewal of vows is about the zenith of that future and the apex of its continued promise.

“…a pair of God’s tools carefully crafted to muse…

Best Man

Twenty-seven years ago, a love story started unfolding. On September 10, 2022, that love story is being retold, rekindled, and reshaped. At the Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ, Elissa and Lawrence Peterson renewed their vows in the midst of the family they’ve built and the friendships they’ve cultivated.

“…true love lives here with Larry and Lisa…”

Maid of Honor

Almost angelic and resplendent in a crystal hairpiece, a gown dripping in bling, and a miles-long train, the bride glided down the aisle in a swirling cloud of smoke. At the end of the aisle waited the devoted groom in black-on-black tuxedo and grey tie. Well-coordinated in apparel and in life, they stood before their loved ones and shared a new set of vows to seal a love that stood the test of time.

“…your children are also the manifestation of your love and they’re gonna pass it on to their children…”


How do you celebrate a love that has endured for three generations? By putting it on display at a multigenerational reception. Gorgeous in a silvery crystal reception gown and white tuxedo, Elissa and Lawrence fulfilled the promises of yesterday and set the tone for the future.

…you may embrace in a kiss which demonstrates the consummation and continuation of this union…”


Trust your love to each other – trust your love story to us. Nothing can tell the love story of Elissa & Lawrence better than the beauty and magnificence of their wedding days. No one can capture those moments for posterity like our team at iExclusive Productions. Whether you’re starting your journey together or retelling your love story through a renewing of vows, we’re here to capture every enchanted moment.

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