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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The Florentine Garden in River Vale, New Jersey played host to the elegance, class, and distinction of the wedding celebration of Omar and Liana. The sparkle of sunlight during the garden ceremony and the candlelight and sparkle of the reception perfectly complemented each other – just as the newly ordained Omar and Liana perfectly enhance each other.

“…marriage is a divine, distinctive, design – an enduring institution…”

Wedding Officiant

Their wedding day was filled with special moments and memories in the making. From the joy of the First Look to the celebratory lighting of the unity candle, this wedding was a classic mix of vintage luxury and contemporary style. Even some of the guests wore sequins and sparkles in celebration of the beginning of a lifetime together.

“…you know me better than anyone in this world…”


Forever starts in the moments when two people meet, and two hearts connect. Forever starts when two people bring two families together. Forever is made of magic and memories and love that lasts an eternity. Forever begins when two people decide to be each other’s happily ever after. For Omar and Liana, forever started all over on September 12, 2019.

“…I vow to love you forever…”


Fun, family, and laughter were the theme of the reception where the wedding party danced their way into the venue and into the couple’s forever story. Starting with Omar and Liana’s first dance and culminating in heartfelt speeches and celebratory toasts, the best start to a new beginning happened right here.

“…and they shall be one…”

Wedding Officiant

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