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Nicole and Keith | Brigalias Wedding

“…marriage is not just walking down the aisle…it is the beginning of a never-ending relationship…”


Few events show the pageantry and majesty of a venue like a wedding. When Keith and Nicole chose Brigalias in South Jersey to host their nuptials, the venue had no idea what they were in store for. From the bride’s billowing veil that topped her crowning glory to the groom’s bespoke suit and patterned bow tie that highlighted his barrel-coiffed dreadlocks, their unique personalities and flavor lent an air of sophistication and refinement to the day.

“…how do you tell someone who is literally everything to you, that they are literally everything to you…”


“…I pledge to honor and cherish you every day…”


When Keith and Nicole pledged their lives and hearts to each other, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Never have we seen a groom walked down the aisle so overcome with emotion or recite vows to sweet and sentimental. In her classic white finery and sparkling heels, the bride’s vow to honor the groom for his commitment to her, to her family, and to the memory of her late mother was genuine, heartfelt, and benevolent.

“…to the bride and groom…your love inspires me…”

Best Man

Amid step routines, dances, and tributes from their respective sorors and frat brothers and well wishes from their friends and family, the newlyweds danced the night away at their high-energy reception. With this much love and support evident in every part of their union, the bridal couple can look forward to dancing their way into a marvelous future.

“…work to keep each other happy…continue to court each other…”

Maid of Honor

Because we understand that marriage is an ongoing commitment to love and honor each other, we make sure you never forget the meaningful little moments that lead to the moment you’ve been waiting for. The sheer pleasure of working with Keith and Nicole was increased because we also worked closely with one of our favorite wedding planners, Zupenda, from Shining Moments Event Planning. When you’re ready to create your wedding dream team, iExclusiveProductions is ready to help ensure you capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments that create can’t-be-beat memories.

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