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Nicole and Johnathan | Windsor Ballroom

“…two lives are intimately shared…”


Entertaining. Exciting. Exuberant. No words could describe the wedding day of Johnathan and Nicole better than these. On August 14th, 2021, the Windsor Ballroom was alit with the most sensational wedding of the season. From the bridesmaids and flower girls surrounding Nicole with laughter and joy to the groomsmen carrying Johnathan on their shoulders, good old-fashioned fun was definitely the order of the day.

“…you guys truly complement each other…”

Maid of Honor

Every aspect of their wedding seemed to reach for the sky from the sentimental vows to the tall, elegant centerpieces to the swirling handkerchiefs on the dance floor. Amidst blue and white opulence, the couple glided down the aisle, danced into the reception, and were cheered on by family, friends, and loved ones. Want to know what a wedding and the start of a new life are all about? Watch Johnathan and Nicole’s unfolding sage.

“…this commitment made of love…”


Because it builds a love story on top of other love stories, a wedding is a day of celebration for multiple generations. While not present at the ceremony, the fathers of the bride and groom were indeed celebrating and celebrated. With a special piece of adornment and a special table for both fathers, their love and presence and blessings were felt by all.

“…share my lives with yours…build our dreams together…”


When you and your partner for life are ready to shine the spotlight on your love story, our team at iExclusive Productions is ready to bring your enchanted tale to life. Don’t miss out on a single moment when we capture every moment of the day of your dreams. Watch it unfold over and over on your anniversary each year, share it with family and friends who were unable to attend, and tell your story for generations to come.

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