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Nejat and Salahdine | Doubletree Philadelphia Wedding

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

“…in pure Nejat fashion, she found the perfect person to build her future with…”

Every love story is as timeless and unique as the couple it represents. The love story of Nejat and Salahdine is a distinctive blending of two lives and two cultures. From the gorgeous bridal headwrap to the stunning ceremonial Mehndi bridal hand art, Nejat and Salahdine added African cultural touches to their wedding that set it apart from any other wedding reception Philadelphia has ever seen.

“…may Allah always keep you happy…”

Just as the couple changed from traditional American to traditional Eritrea and Moroccan cultural dress, their lives are – and will forever remain – an everchanging mix of joy, excitement, compromise, and sharing. Just as family and guests lifted Nejat and Salahdine high above the crowd, their love and encouragement will keep them lifted and supported. Just as family and friends carried them on their shoulders in celebration, their foundation will carry them to brand new heights in life.

“…I wish them nothing but happiness and a lifetime of success…”

A mix of Eritrea and Moroccan heritages, their reception was held at Philadelphia’s beautiful Double Tree Hotel. The rooftop First Look was marked by the ear-to-ear smile on the groom’s face and the sheer joy in the bride’s eyes. Wrapped in intricately bejeweled black capes during their first dance, Nejat and Salahdine were lovingly encircled by family and friends.

“…he found his soulmate and his true beloved…”

With the delightful exception of the classic kiss and dip on Broad street, it was impossible to catch a single second of footage where this amazing couple was not all smiles. Family and friends, culture and tradition, love and happiness – all these things come together to create the lifelong bond that successfully transforms Nejat and Salahdine from two individual people into one incredible family.

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