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Misty and Juwan | Luciens Manor Wedding

“…we have gathered together…to watch the joining of Juwan and Misty in holy matrimony…”


Every love story has its starting point – the moment when two hearts are knit together. On a winding staircase, Juwan and Misty fall into each other’s eyes and their love is palpable. With the groom in traditional attire and the bride sparkling all the way down to her diamond-spangled shoes, they look as iridescent and opulent as their love feels.

“…you are the strength I didn’t know I needed…the joy I didn’t know I lacked…”


“…you are my superman, for real…”


Under a gleaming white arch, strewn with snow white blooms and blossoms, the bride and groom exchanged earnest, heartfelt vows. As the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, the newlyweds sealed their sacred vows with their first marital kiss. Friends and family looked on with joyous tears and raucous celebration. A day of adoration and worship and of devotion

“…I wish you guys nothing but the best…”

Best Man

At the end of the ceremony, family and friends were ready to celebrate the bride and groom. The bridal party danced their way into reception the hall at Lucien’s Manor with bridesmaids’ bouquets raised high. Amid toasts and well wishes, Juwan and Misty glided across the dance floor in their first waltz as husband and wife. The mother/son dance, the cake-cutting, the garter removal, and the bouquet toss, the fun and excitement never stopped.

“…true love stories never have endings…”

Richard Bach

Weddings are all about new beginnings. They’re about the start of two new lives and one new family. They’re also about the culmination of two hearts and two lives becoming one. At iExclusiveProductions, we capture the fullness of your day, the richness of your love story, and the memories and magical moments that mark the start of your happily ever after.

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