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Marti and Tim | Falls Manor Wedding

The First Day – December 12, 2018

The Yes Day – July 21, 2019

The Best Day – November 7, 2021

The colors of the harvest season – burnt oranges, chocolate browns, and sunshiny gold – lined the pathway, adorned the wedding canopy, and added to the stunning venue. The bride was resplendent in white with a beaded ferronnière completing her look. The groom was classic in black, and their love and commitment were palpable in the air.

“…today, I commit my life to you as your wife…”


Tim and Marti shared their first waltz as husband and wife on a dance floor simmering with smoke. A live cellist, wedding photos on a transient bridge before a spewing fountain, and in the beauty of God’s harvest…that’s how you start a life of joy and plenty. Marti and Tim’s vows were accented by the tying of a three-cord braid and punctuated with the ancestral jumping of the broom.

“…I must have loved you in another life and promised you I’d find you on this side…”


The traditional cake-cutting was sweet and sentimental. The tossing of the bridal bouquet was fun and exciting. The couple emerging under a canopy of sparklers was electrifying. From the sparkling champagne to the bling of the rings to the joyfulness of the guests, every moment and every memory combined to turn a celebration into a commemoration.

“…Tim and Marti desire the companionship of Christ at the outset of their wedded life…”


Every moment of your wedding day is special, so we work hard to capture it all – even the ones you didn’t see. At iExclusive Productions, our videography and photography teams work seamlessly together to help you create a beautifully crafted memento. Whether you’re sharing it with distant guests or preserving it for future generations, the day you’ve been dreaming of can last an eternity – just like your love story.

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