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Lakeshia and Kenneth | Luciens Manor Wedding

“…today, you join your separate lives together…”


On August 13, 2021, Lakeshia and Kenneth set Lucien’s Manor on fire on so many different levels! Stylish and sophisticated from the bride’s Jimmy Choo shoes to her wraparound veil to her traditional wedding gown to her blue and diamond-studded dance ensemble, the bride was an endless and everchanging vision of beauty. Even the groom in his bespoke tux, coifed dreads, and luxury car was twinning with his son. The bride and groom and bridal party were at once elegant and chic.

“…I will love you always and forever…”


Lakeshia and Kenneth’s wedding and reception were incredible. With three different outfit changes, an aerobatic woman on stilts, another dancing in a spinning ball, and every bell, whistle, and bling imaginable. The full measure of their mind-blowing event took two days of preparation and shooting – and, like us, the guests will be talking about the wedding of the summer for a long time to come.

“…when I see both of you, all I see is black love…”

Maid of Honor

In the midst of all this splendor were guests who set the dance floor on fire. With sky-high sparklers and smoke lighting up the dance floor, the father-daughter and mother-son dances kicked off in raised hands and raised glasses, the guests simply took off 0 one was even dancing in his seat. If you’re going to host a wedding and reception, this is the way to go!

“…true love starts with a friendship…”

Best Man

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