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Kiyetta and Andrew | Luciens Manor Wedding

“…marriage is, therefore, an honorable thing, and must not be entered into lightly…”


From the vast wedding party to the live serenade to the tranquil waterfalls, the wedding of Kiyetta and Andrew was splendid from its beginning to its stunning conclusion. On August 20, 2022, their wedding turned Luciens Manor in Berlin, NJ into a fantasy land. From the bride’s square-cut diamond ring to the groom’s onyx and diamond cufflinks, every detail fit the tone of class, elegance, and opulence.

“…your commitment to family is unrivaled…and now, you become a wife…”

Maid of Honor

The spectacular white of the ceremonial bouquets was carried seamlessly through to the ceremony space. Tower centerpieces and fully draped tables and walls wore the white flowers that symbolize new beginnings, beauty, and spirituality. The lighting of the unity candle told the story of a family uniting in the spiritual beauty of forever. Even the white lace and detail on the flower girls’ dresses spoke to the detailed grace and refinement of the day.

“…I give you this ring…”

Bride & Groom

From wedding to reception, the couple’s family joined in every minute of their celebration. Joyful tears as the vows were recited led right into rejoicing at the fun and celebration of the beautifully appointed reception. Heartfelt toasts, festive dances, and sparklers set the tone of the reception – fun and exuberance in the midst of family and friends.

“…the best love is the kind that awakens the soul…”

Nicholas Sparks

Don’t lose a minute of the day of your dreams. It was our privilege to be part of the moment that changed Kiyetta and Andrew into Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence. From the moments that matter to the moments that make you, if you want to capture them forever, contact the client-focused, memory- making team at iExclusive Productions.

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