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Keyana and Basui's Mountain Creek Love Story

…every wedding is a love story…

The Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon, NJ, was the setting of one of the most breathtaking weddings we have ever had the joy of witnessing. On September 6, 2020, on the crest of a mountain, Keyana and Basui exchanged heartfelt vows in a ceremony rich in tradition and steeped in adulation. The views were spectacular, the couple was joyful, and the ceremony was glorious.

…you make life and me more fulfilled and simply better…


With family and friends looking on, the couple exchanged vows. From the time Basui watched Keyana descend the stairs and walk toward him to the moment their kiss sealed their vows, you could feel the joyousness in the air. Bliss was all around, and the celebration of love was as far-reaching as the mountain.

…my commitment to you is permanent and everlasting…


The cutting and feasting of the cake was as fun-filled and jubilant as the couple and their family moving across the dance floor. Keyana & Basui will forever remember the day their forever got started. Splendidly set under gleaming white tents, this once-in-a-lifetime event was perfectly captured for the couple and their family to look back on for generations.

…two families become one…

Because no couple can see every moment of wedding prep and preening, our cameras unobtrusively catch those moments. That means when you look back on the memories of the culmination of your love story, you get a glimpse of tender moments you didn’t see and create a whole new set of memories.

When two people come together in love, they join their hearts, their lives, and their families. Keyana & Basui’s love story is resplendent with the purity of white and the richness of gold. It is captured on video and preserved for posterity – yours can be, too. Contact the photography and videography team at iExclusiveProductions because preserving your dream day is our only goal.

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