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Kenya and Cleveland | The Booking House

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

“…love believes all things, endures all things…love never ends…”


The words of love were in the air, the word love bedecked the head table, and the celebration of love was tangible and brilliant. Opulent and sophisticated – there’s really no other way to describe the wedding of Cleveland and Kenya. On May 23, 2021, at The Booking House in Pennsylvania, the setting was simple, yet elegant; rustic, yet classic; boisterous, yet refined – unbeatable combinations just like the newlyweds.

“…you make me a better man, and I’m so happy to have you in my life…”


Brick accent walls, wine bottle and petal-strewn aisle, pillars draped in lights – that’s how you welcome friends and family into a wedding they’ll always remember. As they look back over the day, they will also recall that the couple always seemed to be holding hands. During the quiet moments before the ceremony to a walk in the sunlight to a beautifully orchestrated dip on the dance floor, they were continually entwining their hands, just as they’ve entwined their lives.

“…you are my morning, noon, and night…”


When two people fall in love and marry, they join their lives together and create a new family. They also join two families together. When Cleveland and Kenya’s families celebrated their new familial ties, they did so in style. From the dance floor to the cake toppers to the centerpieces to the fireplace, attention to detail and a focus on love and happiness were readily apparent.

“…remember the first time you said ‘I love you’…remember the first time you said. ‘I love you, too’…”


At iExclusiveProductions, we want to help you remember everything about the day of your dreams. That’s why we worked with a team of professional partners who made this wedding a day of unparalleled beauty include Sheronda Seawright Photography – a frequent partner – and Greater Purpose Entertainment, whose DJ service is so superior, we used them for our own family weddings. When you’re ready to plan your wedding or other milestone celebration, check out our team and learn more about the partnerships we employ to help conserve and enhance your memories.

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