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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Simply Ridiculous. In his tearful, heartfelt vows, the groom described his love for his bride as simply ridiculous. Indeed, their love and joy is utterly ridiculous. It’s touchable, tangible, palpable and plain. The sheer, sunlit beauty of the St. Petersburgh, Florida beach setting for the Sherman wedding was stunningly ridiculous. The bride’s breathtaking entrance was unbelievably ridiculous. The nine-year road to this day was long, winding, and met its beautifully ridiculous purpose as Joshua and Jazmyne became Mr. and Mrs. Sherman. There wasn’t a dry eye on the beach as the bride and groom exchanged vows.

From the jeweled neckline of the bridal gown to the luxe red of the groom and best “little” man’s suits, not a moment was missed. Once vows and newlywed kisses were exchanged, the party began…and once the party started it just never stopped. From the jubilant entry to the first dance to the maid of honor’s poignant toast to the “little” best man’s adorable toast to the electrified dance moves – every minute of this day is theirs to watch and remember forever.

The Sherman’s even showed off by riding off into the sunset in a ridiculously classy 2017 cherry red corvette that matched the groom and best “little” man’s suits. After all, when your love song is one that has no ending, you want to shout it from the rooftops and race through the streets letting everyone know.

At iExclusiveProductions, we fell in love with this couple’s simply ridiculous love. They’re even more endearing because the groom is the best friend of one of our cameramen. Yet another of our cameramen initially introduced the couple. When you’re ready to make the love of your life, the partner of your life, call us. We’ll capture every moment of your day in a video memory, you’ll never stop watching and reliving.

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