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Jason and Cherie | Kimpton Palomar

“…love her until you can’t love her anymore…”

Maid of Honor


Weddings tell a love story that is endless and timeless. The love story told on May 20, 2023, celebrated at Kimpton Palomar in Philadelphia, told the story of Jason and Cherie, and heralded the beginning of their very own happily ever after. Cherie was stunningly garbed in beads and lace, while the groom was impressively attired in a bespoke suit and tie.


“…as human beings, of all of our qualities, there is none stronger than the profession of love…”



The love on their faces and in their hearts was palpable right from the First Look. Even their exchange of love letters before the ceremony gave a hint of the depth of their love expressed in their exchange of vows. Nothing changes or defines two lives like a wedding ceremony full of hope and joy and promises.


“…the longer I’m around you, the more I appreciate you…”



The reception was packed with action and activity from the lovely tablescapes to the hand-drawn caricatures. Cake-cutting, picture-taking – even the bridal dance with the flourishing lift – there wasn’t a beat missed or a step out of place as friends and family celebrated Jason and Cherie. The bride and groom’s table was framed in gold to mark the start of the brand new Williams family.


“…I can’t wait to see you standing there…ready to share…something so precious as your last name…”



Mysterious, magical, and unmistakable – these are the words the Officiant used to describe the bounty of love. When you are ready to capture the one-of-a-kind mystery and magic of your wedding day for posterity, our team at iExclusiveProductions is ready to put our unmistakable stamp on your day and make sure your memories last as long as your love story – for all of eternity.

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