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Jasmine and Jordan | Platform 30 on Beat Street Wedding

“…love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…”


Platform 30 at Beat Street Station is one of Philadelphia’s best-kept secrets and one of its most elegant and opulent venues. Every wedding has its own essence and distinction. The wedding of Jasmine and Jordan is marked by its simple elegance and overwhelming grace. The bride was stylish in classic, pure white wedding attire with black trousers and piping for the groom, making them an absolute standout.

“…I could be watching one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever been a part of…”

Maid of Honor

Becoming the Purnell’s on October 17, 2021, Jasmine and Jordan built their day around love and security – the same building blocks that make a marriage successful. Just as a life of love and joy is supported by the couple’s family and friends, the supporting players in a wedding make all the difference in the world. The bridal party was outfitted in sophisticated ebony black apparel, and even the flower girl was classically appointed and undeniably adorable.

“…when you cherish someone, you understand that there is no duplicate…”

Best Man

Gold chairs, an ombre cake, crystal-encrusted champagne flutes, and stunning floral centerpieces created an atmosphere of spirit and wonder at the reception. Whether dancing down the Soul Train line or lighting up the floor, the couple and their family and friends danced and celebrated with an eye toward the couple’s future. Jasmine and Jordan’s love tells its own story. It speaks of hope, promise, and commitment.

“…thank you…for reminding us all what black love really looks like…”

Maid of Honor

At iExclusive Productions, our entire team is committed to one thing – making sure the day you’ve always dreamed of is accessible forever. By trusting our team to put your memories into tangible form, you give friends, family, and generations to come a look at the day a whole new branch of the family got its start. Contact us today and start collecting memories for tomorrow.

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