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Jasmin and Eric | Brigalias Wedding

“…Eric and Jasmin Powell, a power couple destined for greatness…”

On October 15, 2021, Brigalias in Sicklerville, New Jersey hosted Eric and Jasmin’s exhilarating wedding reception. From the moment the groom and groomsmen strutted into the church, everyone in the room knew they were in for a one-of-a-kind wedding full of exuberance and excitement. The guests were equally enthusiastic when the arched doors opened to reveal the bride.

“…here we are – the day of the wedding…”

Best Man

Like all weddings, Eric and Jasmin’s brought two people and two families together in celebration. Even in a wedding as upbeat as theirs, the couple still found a few quiet, stolen moments of their own. The groom in his patterned tux and the bride in her billowing cathedral veil looked incredible in the shade of a centuries-old weeping willow. The groom’s jaw even dropped at the First Look at his bride.

“…marriage makes sacred the union between man and woman…”


The reception got off to a rowdy and exuberant start as the bridesmaids entered in vibrant orange dresses alongside the groomsmen in smoke gray. One of the groomsmen flipping into the reception seemed to set the tone for the foot-stomping, fist-bumping thrill of the dance floor. Eric and Jasmin did what all couples should do – plan all the details then go with the flow and have a blast!

“…I declare that they are husband and wife…”


Like Eric and Jasmin, you can get an inside look at the moments you missed and reminisce over the moments you were a part of. There was even a thoughtfully set aside a seat for the groom’s mother who celebrated the nuptials from heaven. Are you ready to preserve every aspect of the building blocks that made your wedding day unforgettable? Contact our team at iExclusive Productions and leave the magic of capturing every memory to us.

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