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Ivorie and Semere | Arts Ballroom Philadelphia Wedding

“…it’s so beautiful to watch you blossom…”

Maid of Honor

Sometimes love takes root in two hearts at once and each heart blossoms and blooms together. Such is the love story of Ivorie and Semere. Regal – that’s the best word to describe the wedding of the summer. From their elegant wedding attire to their royal reception attire, the bride and groom were simply resplendent in their finery. On July 1, 2022, the Arts Ballroom in Philadelphia played host to this incredible couple as they joined their hands and hearts and lives.

“…I stand here privileged to call you my partner, my queen, and my best friend…”


The vows that turn a fiancé into a spouse always have special meaning. Ivorie and Semere’s vows were even more special because they were personalized, heartfelt, and took everyone’s breath away. From unique touches like the flower girl carrying the ancestral broom to the lacy, filmy bridal train, this wedding is sure to go down in history while making history.

“…you love me in a way that I had never felt…”


When two hearts truly beat as one, everyone in proximity to the couple wants to celebrate. That’s why Ivorie and Semere’s wedding was a hit with family and friends, and a major celebration. The reception was alive with joy, celebration, and dance floor excitement. Toasts, tears, and the couple’s toddler made the celebration even more special and heartfelt because family, faith, and fun are what celebrations of love are all about.

“…we’re so blessed to be here to celebrate the love they have together…”


Whether you’re a native Philadelphian or hosting your wedding here with family and friends like Ivorie and Semere, we have everything you need to capture the loveliest moments of the best day of your new life together. Our client-focused team at iExclusive Productions is passionate about preserving the moments that make memories in stunning photos and videos. Contact us today to make memories that last for generations.

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