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Farihah and Larry | The Centennial Ballroom

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

“…Farihah and Larry…truly bring out the best in each other…”

Maid of Honor

When two and two cultures unite, love simply collides from the impact. Such was the wedding of Farihah and Larry Oles. Hosted by The Centennial Ballroom in Center Valley, PA, on August 7th, theirs was a stunning and cohesive blend of Indian and American cultures. Dazzling in her glittering gown, the bride was perfectly complimented by the bridesmaids in sparkling pink, jewel-studded bodices. The groom’s black tux was equally complemented by his gray-clad groomsmen.

“…marriage does not only bond to people, it blends two families together…”

Mother of the Bride

From the simple elegance of the white and silver cake to the yummy temptation of the dessert table to the opulent silver seating, every detail of the wedding spoke to the couple’s celebration of love. From the moment the bridal party started dancing into the reception hall, you just knew fun was the tone of the day – there was even a fun-filled, raucous bouquet toss!

Vibrant and colorful, featuring the bride’s grandmother, an incredible live drummer, and a flower-festooned setting, Farihah and Larry’s wedding will be the talk of the town and the joy of the families. Seamless, flawless, and enduring — these words describe their vows, their reception, the dance floor, and their love all at once. Fist pumps, napkin waves, and rousing applause — that’s how two families welcome two newlyweds.

“…you have started a new life…”

Father of the Bride

Love in all its beautiful splendor makes each day feel brand new and each memory feel like forever. Our team works hard to help brides and grooms hold on to those magical moments. Don’t risk missing a single second of your wedding day. Contact our videography and photography team at iExclusive Productions to ensure the day you’ve always dreamed of is captured forever.

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