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Daria & Terrance | Russo's on the Bay

“…love is patient, love is kind…love never fails…”

1 Corinthians 13

July 15, 2022, set the stage for royalty on display at Russo’s on the Bay in Queens, New York City. Daria, indeed, looked like a queen. With her crowning glory topped by a cathedral veil and train and her king waiting at the outdoor altar, their wedding was a majestic treat for the eyes. Their heartwarming exchange of vows was sealed with a kiss so smoky, the whole garden broke out in cheers. That’s how you celebrate the love of your lifetime.

“I was a little late to be your first love, but I’m prepared to be your last…”


How do you make your wedding and reception the talk of the town? You glide up into the reception through the hidden floor! Rising through a waft of smoke in a gold and tulle wrapped cage, they greeted guests with dance moves, laughter, and smiles. From the flower-filled garden as their backdrop, they exchanged the vow of the day that make the most of tomorrow.

“…when love is practiced with the right person, it matches your heartbeat…”

Best Man

This incredible couple truly marked their day with class, opulence, and magic, because when you’re ready to put your love on display, you pull out all the stops. Mile-high, feathered centerpieces, a sparkling waterfall fountain, and a gorgeous garden gazebo – these are the hallmarks of Daria and Terrance’s wedding and reception.

“…I’m happy to spend the rest of my life with you…”


The rest of your life starts with a special day filled with magical memories – memories made of moments, both big and small. At iExclusive Productions, we specialize in catching your memories so you can look back on them forever. When you are ready to preserve today’s memories for a lifetime, contact our client-focused team today.

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