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Cynthia and Edward | Brigalias

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

“…when you tell me life is good, I want better for you…”


Maid of Honor

Life is a journey, and few days define that journey like the day two people tell the world their love is real, everlasting, and eternal. On August 31, 2023, at Brigalias in South Jersey, Cynthia and Edward put their love story on display.

“…look at us…now we are best friends at the altar…”


The color red symbolizes fire and passion and zeal. Cynthia and Edward accented their wedding with this impassioned color. It perfectly complemented the bride’s stark white gown and jeweled hair ornament and veil. It also set off the groom’s white tuxedo jacket.

“…marriage is a sacred bond created by God…”


The couple recited personalized vows that told their story. Their vows were heartfelt, sincere, and earnest. Then, they sealed those promises at the altar with the traditional kiss and with a specialized handshake, adding another matchless and distinctive moment to their day.

“…I love doing life with you, and I pray this new chapter brings us an overflow of blessings…”


Whether standing before a gushing fountain or dancing on a cloud of smoke on the dance floor, the newlywed Jules had eyes only for each other. They did share in the celebration with their family, friends, and loved ones. The bride even changed into a floor-length crystal-beaded gown to dance the night away.

“…today is amazing…”

Best Man

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