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Christine and Wuaner

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

“…a commitment to live and to love, together…”


When two people love each other and unite in wedded bliss, they bring two families together – and start building a new family of their own. In honor of Christine and Wuaner, June 8, 2021, saw two families come together to commemorate the first day of a brand-new lifetime. With the bride draped in satin and lace and the groom decked out in French blue, they created a vision of loveliness and refinement.

“…being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage…”

Lao Tzu

When the bride and groom chose their wedding venue, they opted for the classic Aldie Mansion in Pennsylvania. It boasts beautiful brick – sturdy and strong like them – and timeless features. In the ballroom, the dance floor was packed with family and friends dancing the night away in celebration of Christine and Wuaner’s everlasting love story.

“…true love is eternal, infinite, equal, and pure…”

Honore de Balzac

At once elegant and fun, the new husband and wife even greeting well-wishers from a stunning Juliet balcony. In dreamy shades of blue and creamy shades of white, the couple, the bridal party, and their guests, shared every emotion of the day. They reveled in the excitement leading up to the ceremony, rejoiced in the exchange of vows, and raised the roof on the dance floor. Love is like that – it feels a thousand different things and culminates in the joy of celebration.

“…we are all wishing you a lifetime together full of bliss, love, and laughter…”

Maid of Honor

Our team was delighted to capture every moment of Christine and Wuaner’s love story from the excited primping and preening to the ceremony and reception. They’ll have pictures and videos of their wedding day to share with family and friends for generations to come. When you’re ready to capture your love story for posterity, the iExclusive Productions team is ready to help you lock your once in a lifetime memories into forever.

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