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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

What’s a wedding – or a wedding video – without the perfect musical selections? Daniel Caesar’s, Best Part, and Major’s, Why I Love You, provide the perfect musical background for the video of Brian and Leonna’s exceptionally breathtaking wedding. Exemplified by sparkling tiaras and glistening cufflinks, Brian and Leonna put their love and commitment on display and we captured every amazing and unforgettable moment.

From the pre-wedding toast to the aerial shots of the stunning venue, every pink rose petal and sky-high centerpiece is permanently digitally preserved. The new Mr. & Mrs. will love looking back on every button being fastened, and every word of the best man and two maids of honor as they toast the happy couple. The groom will probably never forget it, but we caught the bride’s gleaming, blushing smile just before the kiss that sealed the vows – and of course, we caught the vows. Trust us when we tell you that there wasn’t a dry eye in the ceremony hall – including ours.

As sentimental and lovely as the wedding was, the reception at Brigalias in Sicklerville, NJ, was amazing! Leonna not only changed into a gorgeous reception dress for dancing, she let her hair down – literally and figuratively – and danced the night away. Brian’s enthusiast, heartfelt, “YAY!” after he and Leonna were pronounced man and wife was echoed by their emotional first dance.

As the magical day came to a close, we even filmed the bride and groom’s final exit amid sparklers and well-wishers. Brian and Leonna will never forget August 13, 2017, and we’re grateful we were there to capture every moment and memory. Our team of superbly talented videographers know exactly how to film every minute of your day while remaining unobtrusive.

When you’re ready to share your love with each other and the world, contact iExclusive Productions. We’ll help you capture the day of your dreams and create a lifetime of memories.

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