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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Brandon & Katheryn

The breathtaking beauty of Pennsylvania’s CedarBrook Country Club played host to the wedding of Brandon and Katheryn Such. From the bride’s tearful reading of the groom’s pre-wedding love letter to the groom’s wistful smile as the bride approached for the First Look, every sentimental moment and memory of their wedding was captured on film. The humorous pronunciation of Mr. and Mrs. Such, the heartfelt words of the toast given by the father of the groom, the excitement of the first dance as a married couple – all these things came together to create one of the most sentimental, celebratory, weddings and receptions we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming.

Amid a smoky haze and in the joyful midst of family and friends, the couple shared their first dance, united to families, and took the first step on a journey toward a future of love, hope, and promise. Cheers and applause were plentiful throughout the reception as each moment was celebrated and each memory was commemorated.

Their Love Story

Every nail trimmed and polished, every bridesmaid dressed to perfection, every groomsman’s tie tied – attention to detail was as much the order of the day as fun and laughter. From the minister’s uniting words of the ceremony to the raised roof of the dance floor to the cutting and feeding of the cake, Brandon and Katheryn will have the nostalgic pleasure of reliving every moment of the day they became a family.

“Remember to take in our beautiful day” Brandon

Months of excitement, joy, and anticipation go into planning your wedding. The big day arrives, and the bride and groom spend hours in separate rooms primping and preening toward perfection. At iExclusive Productions, our cameras capture all the moments you see – and all the moments you don’t see. Preserve memories, capture reactions, and relive each moment – even the hidden ones – with your custom wedding and reception video from iExclusive Productions. Your wedding. Our expertise. A perfect match.

When it’s your turn to choose a videographer for your once-in-a-lifetime event, call the professional crew at iExclusive Productions. We’ll proudly provide everything you need from a camera crew to a photo booth to AirBnB recommendations. Trust your future to each other. Trust your memories to us.

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