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Bianca and Tamar | The Grand Wedding

The wedding of Bianca and Tamar was held at The Grand in beautiful Totowa, New Jersey. Sophisticated and timeless, the venue was draped in crystals from the chandelier to the stemware. The bride was attired in a classic white gown and cathedral veil. The groom was garbed in a textured, white, bespoke tuxedo. Supported by groomsmen dressed in emerald, green tuxedoes, Tamar beamed as Bianca, preceded by bridesmaids in terra-cotta glided down the aisle.

“…I love…how your face lights up when we lock eyes…”


The wedding vows—the culmination of a love story and the beginning of a promise—are the verbal confirmation of a couple’s love story. Bianca and Tamar’s vows were shared in a stunning setting under a ceiling of sweeping white flowers in front of an arbor of white morning glories. May 23, 2024, will forever mark the day Tamar and Bianca became the Blains.

“…you are a breathtaking reflection of God’s love for me…”


From family to the bridal party, each entrant danced their way into the reception area. The dance floor fairly vibrated with thrills and excitement. Under a sea of waving green cloths, the couple was celebrated, venerated, and revered. When an exchange of vows is greeted with a display of that much merriment, you know it is welcomed and respected.

“…love is truly a divine gift…”

Best Man

A celebration of love is indeed a celebration of life. Every wedding is a fete. The wedding of a friend and colleague is a jubilee. At iExclusiveProductions, we know the importance of capturing life’s exceptional moments. When you are ready to celebrate an important new beginning, trust our team to commemorate all of your todays to share on every day of your tomorrow. 

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