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Barbara and Augustine | Pine Manor Wedding

“…I wish you two many, many joys…”

Best Man

Edison, New Jersey is home to Pines Manor, a stunning wedding venue that boasts a breathtaking bridge framed by a spewing fountain. Symbolic at the July 22, 2023, wedding of Barbara and Augustine since it was their wedding that created a bridge to a dazzling future and bridged two families together. This wedding was full of literal and figurative symbols, including a nod to yesterday’s ancestry and a glimpse into the promises of tomorrow.

“…I do…” “…I do…”

Barbara and Augustine

The bride was magnificently attired in head to two glittering white lace as she strode down an aisle edged in blue flower petals. The groom was bedizened in a white paisley dinner jacket and natty suspenders. Their reception attire was a glorious representation of ancestral garb. Like many of their guests, they wore bright, colorful attire that put their family history and lore on prominent display.

“…from henceforth, we shall be one…”


Following their exchange of vows, Barbara and Augustine welcomed family and friends into an exciting reception. It included a strolling saxophonist, live singer, and a raining money dance. The venue fit the occasion with a towering cake, beaded centerpieces, and classy touches of gold, indicative of the regalness of the occasion. Happily ever after got off to a stirring start for the newly united Mr. and Mrs. Okuonghae.

“…may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows…”

Best Man

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