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Amanda and Kevin | French Creek Golf Club Wedding

“…today, I see the excitement displayed between Kevin and Amanda

and it is apparent that they love each other…”

Best Man

With its sprawling acreage and serene lake, The French Creek Golf Club at 4500 Conestoga Rd in Elverson, PA, is a stunningly picturesque location. It served as an idyllic setting for Kevin and Amanda’s delightfully charming wedding on May 21, 2022. The bride was arrayed in traditional bridal finery while the groom was clad in classic black including a black satin bow tie.

“…I’m so excited that we’re finally here together…”


Starting with the First Look, every moment of their wedding day marks a new step toward a life of love, promise, hope, and commitment. Following personalized vows in the midst of family and friends, Kevin and Amanda were pronounced husband and wife – the Farrows – and a new family was begun. The celebration continued in a rockin’ reception. From the time the bridal party danced their way into the hall, the joyful festivities were underway.

“…that’s what love does…it helps instill a deeper meaning and purpose to our lives

and our time spent together…”


Their love story is as solid as the wooden accents at their wedding – as rock solid as the foundation they’ve built over four years of love and friendship. Like the attention to detail that goes into the smallest of touches of their wedding including monogrammed cufflinks, personalized place cards, and a unique guest sign-in board, their attention to each other’s ongoing needs will ensure their vows last a lifetime.

“…I am privileged to now call you my wife…”


At iExclusive Productions, we’ve built our business on making your memories a thing of the present and of the future. Just like we did for Kevin and Amanda, when you’re ready to take an important step in your life, our team is ready to preserve your moments forever.

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