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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Alice and Terrance were the final wedding video iExclusive Productions shot in 2017 – talk about saving the best for last. November 25, 2017 was one of those picturesque fall days that leaves you breathless and in awe and wonder, which made it the perfect day for this stunning couple’s exchange of vows. The new Mr. and Mrs. Adams paid attention to every detail, even interspersing photos of the groom’s late brother to ensure his presence was felt and remembered on their special day. From the groom’s whispers in the bride’s ear to the pre-wedding toast among the groomsmen to the vows taken outside under a glistening white arch, we captured every moment of Alice and Terrance’s ceremony at the Greenbriar Oceanaire in Waretown, NJ. The bridal gown, bridesmaid’s dresses, bouquets, and every sparkle in the rings is captured and preserved for the couple to look back on.

Vows, velociraptors, and breathtaking views were cause of tears and laughter. Kisses, confetti, and congratulations were the order of the day. Flower girls, first dances, and family were the highlights of the reception.

The first day of Alice and Terrance’s married life started with preparation, proceeded with style, and leaves rooms for an amazing life journey.

Filming their memories for posterity was our final wedding of the year – and they pulled it off with, style, class whimsy, and panache. We loved going out with a bang and sharing the fun, excitement, and sentiment of the day.

When it’s your turn to tie the knot, call iExclusive Productions. We have the skill and experience you need to capture every moment and memory without ever interrupting your celebration. Alice and Terrance, one of the happiest grooms of the year, were fun, down to earth and charming to work with. Their reception was filled with dancing, drinks, an amazing photo booth, and a 360 video that spun all night.

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