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Abigail and Quierre | Mansion on Main Street Wedding

“…you are the epitome of beauty, grace, and love…”


Diamonds are a symbol of faithfulness, love, and strength. In a custom dress bought all the way from London, Abigail was drenched in diamonds. Even her veil was blanketed in them. Quierre met his bride at the altar clad in a classic tux with white coat. From the First Look beside the pond to the sweeping beauty of the grand staircase to the looks of love and passion on the altar, Abigail and Quierre had eyes only for each other.

“…I never thought that love could be so effortless, and filled with so much joy…”


Beneath an all-white wedding arbor, the bride and groom exchanged vows that were especially meaningful to them, heartwarming for their families, and the culmination of their love story. At the Mansion on Main Street, even a sprinkling of rain didn’t dampen their vows. Instead, it gave way to sunshine that lit up the day.

“…this day was nothing but inevitable…”

Best Man

The reception hall was swathed in creamy white from the towering centerpieces to the floral décor and the smoke-filled dance floor. The dance floor saw romance, excitement, and foot-stomping thrills from the bridal dance to the guests joining in the celebration.

“…together, we will create a life filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams…’


The evening culminated with the couple sharing a special moment on the stone balcony, with the bride’s dress sparkling in the moonlight – a symbol of their future being bright enough to break through any perceived darkness.

“…trust and love each other…with God as your foundation…”

Maid of Honor

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