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Aaliyah and Marcus | Arts Ballroom Philadelphia

“…their love intertwining over the years…it’s been a beautiful thing to see…”

Maid of Honor

The Arts Ballroom in Philadelphia was recently transformed into the wedding of the year as the bride descended down a flower-draped staircase and the groom waited, his face alight with a beaming smile. With her black curls dancing down her back and her train cascading across the floor, Aaliyah was a serene vision. Amid the backdrop of the city’s timeless skyline, the couple’s wedding was like a modern-day fairytale.

“…you are the protector; you are the defender of our family…”


More than a couple was created that day – a family was formed. Even the black sand in their sand ceremony tells part of their love story – a blending of two lives that can never be undone. Inexorably connected. Lovingly co-mingled. New formation. Highlighted by sparklers and gleaming chandeliers, even posing under Philadelphia’s LOVE sculpture. Marcus and Aaliyah’s wedding and reception were nothing short of magical.

“…you are my sun, my moon, my earth, and my stars…”


How do you include loved ones who are no longer here in your wedding? You festoon a table with candid, couple, and wedding photos. It allows them to join friends and families in celebrating your love story at a reception filled with multiple generations. A huge bridal party, champagne toasts, a stirring celloist, and everyone you love dancing the night away – that’s how you celebrate a timeless love story.

“…love never fails…”

1 Corinthians 13:8

Love never fails and your love story never has to be lost. At iExclusive Productions, we know how important it is to create tomorrow’s memories by capturing today’s moments. When you’re ready to savor the best day of your life for the rest of your life, we’re ready to commemorate your memories for generations to come.

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