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Reyhauna and Jonathan | Cairnwood Estate Wedding

“…the time is finally here…”


Bedecked in shades of white and ivory – which symbolize a clean slate and a fresh start – the Cairnwood Estate in Bryn Athens, PA, played host to the incredibly beautiful wedding of Reyhauna and Jonathan Yates. April 25, 2021. It was one of those days when time stood still and let a new love story become part of the magic of forever.

“…I will love you until my last breath…”


Draped in a gorgeous, caped, cathedral train and carrying a simple, yet elegant bouquet, Reyhauna was the picture of elegance and class, and appeared to glide down the aisle. Clad in bespoke finery and matching their son, the groom had tears in his eye awaiting the entry of his bride – and the gathering of friends and family applauded her entry.

“…you always believed in me…”


The beauty of preserving your wedding day is that you can witness moments you did not get to see. Reyhauna and Jonathan can watch each other donning their wedding finery, preparing to see the other for the first time, and receiving and reading their love notes. They can see the expression of excitement and wonder at the promise of their brand-new forever.

“…this part of our life is called peace and happiness”


With their son and daughter, and family and friends, the newlyweds took to the dance floor in celebration. Amid laughter and tears, the couple’s family and friends – even their beautiful daughter – made toasts, shared memories of their journey, and promised to support them in their happily ever after.

“…we all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams…”

Jeremy Irons

The memories your look back on tomorrow start with the decisions you make today. When you are ready to preserve your happily ever after, our team is ready to help. You work hard to make your wedding day memorable – we work hard to expertly capture those memories forever.

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