Nia and Michael | A Love that Liberates


Juneteenth is a day set aside to celebrate freedom and fortitude. It embraces ancestral culture and the creation and recognition of independence – June 19, 2021 – the date Michael and Nia chose to celebrate the culmination of their love story. From jumping the broom to including texture and poetic readings in their ceremony, they created a ceremony that combined traditional and contemporary elements into an unforgettable ceremony.

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“…and maybe that is love…to say…here, in you, I will rest…”

Maid of Honor

A love that liberates is a love that sets each heart free. It’s a love that brings those same two hearts back together. It’s a love that brings healing and hope. Such is the story of Michael and Nia – a love that bears all things and believes all things. A love that recognizes the struggles of the past and welcomes the promise of the future.

“…because of you, I see life as an opportunity…”


The sweetheart neckline of the bride’s stunning gown and the dove gray of the groom’s bespoke suit paid perfect complement to each other – just as the new husband and wife are perfectly fitted together. After exchanging vows on a perfectly manicured back lawn, the couple joined family and friends for a boisterous celebration under a splendid white tent, under the twinkling of stars, and under a canopy of love and joy.

“…in this life together…”


Every step on the dance floor, every glass raised in a toast, every slice of wedding cake, every word of congratulations ushered the bride and groom into their new life. A life that bridges nine years of commitment, unifies two families into one, and builds a brand new happily ever after.

“…remember that you chose each other…”

Best Man

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