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Keisha and Dave | The Madison Wedding

“…my partner in life and my one true love…”


Sparkle. It strikes us as the perfect word to describe the wedding of Keisha and Dave. With bling on her fingertips and sparkles on her feet, Keisha glided down the aisle in her diamond-encrusted gown. In his own crisp white tux, his groomsmen looked on as he watched his bride on the arm of her father.

“…I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever…”


The Madison in Riverside NJ played host to Keisha and Dave and their incredible wedding. Replete with personal vows and surprises – like the luxury Rolls Royce awaiting the bride – the very start of the day was special. Keisha and Dave can look forward to a lifetime of thoughtfulness, surprises, and celebrations. Because, any time a groom works that hard to make his bride happy, their future is secure.

“…may they have a long and joyful life together…”


Starting on July 23, 2021, and continuing through every July 23 rd from now on, the couple will share their lives. With navy blue and rosy, pink shades of dresses and flowers and décor, the venue was decked out befitting the bride and groom. From the honoring of the tradition of jumping the broom to the sweetness of the first dance to the raucous dance floor, every second of Keisha and Dave’s day was a joy!

“…today, we come together to witness the joining of these two lives…”


A single day can be the start of a new life, the blending of two families, and the formation of a lifetime of memorable moments. With our video, Dave and Keisha Williams will be able to watch and share every moment of their wedding – even the ones they did not see. When you want your wedding day preserved for generations to come, you can count on the team at iExclusive Productions.

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